38 – Beach House

To all the haters out there: Yes, this is indeed the third female singer/male instrumentalist duo featured on this wonderful website. I’m not ashamed, I’ll be the first to admit – I’m just a sucker for duos. Black Keys…Royal Blood…Japandroids… White Stripes? Hall & Oats?! Come ON people, duos are amazing. There’s just something about that symmetry, that even number. Throw in the girl/guy dynamic? FORGET about it. I’m all in. The artist of this post has been doing their thing for a while, and is now among that esteemed wing in the Everything Doesn’t Suck hall of fame. Just a few weeks before the release of their seventh studio album, it’s time I give a little love to the terrific twosome Beach House.

Despite what their name and dreamy style may suggest, the group hails from Baltimore, Maryland – a city more known for its gritty harbors than its sandy coastlines. From the start of their career, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally viewed the idea of being a two-person band as more of an opportunity than a challenge.  Beach House blasted onto the scene with their acclaimed 2006 debut, with critics praising their unique utilization of organs and drum loops, among other things. Their style teeters the line of about seven different genres, and the band has managed to craft an inimitable sound despite never dipping its toes anywhere for too long. As is tradition, the group has progressed from from the rawness heard on the first couple albums. As the band gets older, Scally and Legrand have become more refined and, somehow, more ethereal. Scally tends to favor an eerie guitar tone, yielding a reverb-heavy hypnosis that accentuates Legrand’s otherworldly vocals. The resulting dream-pop sound and the group’s constant touring helped catapult the duo into hipster stardom – any “indie rock” curated playlists from the last decade are sure to feature two or three Beach House tracks.

The group’s new album, 7, will hit stores  music streaming apps a week from today. Given the band’s description here, we’re about to hear them at their best/weirdest. Singles “Lemon Glow” (see above) and “Black Car” have already been making waves, and their summer tour is currently full swing. While not exactly the type of music I’d suggest putting on during your next pregame, there’s something to be said for music that just helps you zone out. Like when going for a run, or when you’re in a crowded train on the way to work Monday morning – you know, times you wish you were doing literally anything else. So when Beach House pops up on your “New Music Friday” playlist next week, give it a shot. And despite my affinity for duos, I won’t care if they add ten more members – I’m always going to have Beach House on my music speed dial. I suggest everyone does the same!

Beach House is currently on tour, dates can be found here

Suggested Tracks: “Space Song” “Master of None” “Walk in the Park” “Gila”

Oddities: Vocalist Victoria Legrand was born in France, and is the niece of famous French composer Michael Legrand

Photo Credits: Consequence of Sound, LAWEEKLY

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